Name:   Agatha Hughes (now Annie)  

Description:   ~ 8 yrs old ~ fostered in Glen Burnie, MD ~

Agatha is very calm and quiet, and adores cuddles, pets and belly rubs. When treats are involved she becomes very animated, like a regular Beagle pup. She seems to enjoy the company of other dogs and follows our older boy around the house and yard and will cuddle with him as well. Aggie loves going on walks and watching TV while sitting on the couch with a toy near at hand. She will sleep through the night in her crate, but she prefers to be wherever we are. Sometimes she will whine a bit and bark a little before she settles down. The only other time we heard her bark is when a stranger came to the door and we didn't answer - her bark was definitely an alert. She seems to be more comfortable with me than my husband, but she responds better when he gets on the floor to interact with her. She's super sweet, friendly, and oh so adorable. Aggie's perfect home will be a quiet house with older children (she does get underfoot), or with people who spend more time at home.

So, she can climb really well, and navigate barriers like a pro escape artist. She also likes to dig, but we figured this out right away and never left her unattended in the yard in spite of the 6ft fence. I would not recommend a home without a fence, and preferably fencing other than chain link.

posted 12/08/18 and updated 02/12/19