Name:   Mollie Henderson  

Description:   ~ 3 yrs ~ 54 lbs ~ fostered in Reston, VA ~

This stunningly beautiful girl's mama is.... a boxer, of all things! You would never know it to look at her. Daddy is clearly a hound of some sort. She looks like a very large beagle and photos don't do this beauty justice. You have to see her to believe what a sweetheart she is. Mollie came off the 18 hour transport from Kentucky like it was no big deal and then proceeded to help our volunteer drive home.

UPDATE 3/14/17: Mollie has settled into her foster home and it's been a seamless transition. She's a laid back kind of girl who gets along with the other dogs in the home. She also seems to have some house manners. If you are interested in meeting Missie Mollie, please contact

Posted: 3/5/17

Success Story:   Mollie is such a love. She and our other dog, Colt, have become fast friends. We are thrilled to have her! We are working on her boundaries, though. Caught her on the kitchen counter top eating the cats food today!!! LOL...she's crafty.