Name:   Blondie Floyd  

Description:   ~ 1 yr ~ 25 lbs ~ Fostered in Bryans Road, MD ~

Blondie has just arrived and is getting to know her foster mom and dad. She's only about a year old, but so far is mellow, mellow, mellow. We would not be surprised, however, if over the next couple of weeks as she gets more comfortable and secure, she does a 180. We'll let you know. She is people bonded and loves to sleep curled up next to you. If that's not possible, she'll make due with your bedroom slippers or other article of clothing. Blondie is a VERY lovable girl - and smart. She quickly figured out the dog door, but doesn't really understand it's deeper purpose. It's more a convenient portal to get outside and tell the deer a thing or two. Once her foster family has her on a schedule, she'll figure out that house training thing quickly. Blondie tested positive for Lymes disease and is currently being treated with a course of antibiotics. She needs to gain a pound or two, but regular nutritious meals will take care of that! All in all, she is a lovely girl and will make someone a good, loving companion.

Posted: 2/19/17

Success Story:   So far things are going better than I could have hoped! She's a very sweet dog and is adapting very well. She's still getting used to sleeping at night, but we let my daughter sleep on the couch next to her in the crate and that helps her. Thank you for everything.