Name:   Dory Columbia  

Description:   ~ 6-7 yrs old ~ 20 lbs ~

Having met her, it's easy to see why the shelter was so anxious to save this little girl. She's sweet and wiggly and happy. We don't know what her past holds, but she doesn't seem particularly traumatized by it. Dory likes everyone. We know that she's had a litter or two and was most likely used as a breeder, and health care never crossed her former owner's mind. If it had, she wouldn't be suffering from heartworm today. Still, she doesn't seem to bear any ill will. She's just looking forward to the life of an indoor dog who's only responsibility is keeping squirrels out of the yard. While Dory recovers from heartworm, she'll need a relatively quiet home, but once those pests are gone, all bets are off. She'll be able to run and play and do all those things beagles are known for. She'd never been on lead before and our first foray on a public street was a real sniff fest for Dory. She LOVED being out and about, but it'll take a little training and practice to get her to walk in a straight line. This is one wonderful little girl and it will be a lucky family who adopts her!

Posted: 6/27/16

Success Story:   Here is our nifty little 8-yr old. When she first came to us, she was only 20 lbs, with fur that seemed dusty and dull. She was also unlike any of the other beagles we ever had - very quiet and a careful eater who never gorged herself. She's still quiet, but now uses her voice to remind us when it's time for her to eat. She apparently can tell time pretty accurately. She loves all the other neighborhood dogs and is very affectionate towards dogs and people. Rabbits fascinate her, but so do turtles. She's become very curious about everything she comes in contact with. She introduces me to all sorts of people - she's a wonderful ambassador. Because of her, I've managed to pass my last stress test with flying colors! After our last beagle passed I thought we were through with dogs. I'm so glad we were wrong about that! Thanks for picking out our perfect new pet with us.