Name:   Posca Hughes (now Linus)  

Description:   ~ 30 lbs ~ 8 yrs old ~ fostered in Annapolis, MD ~

Observations from the volunteer who brought him to the vet: Posca is a good looking fella and though curious about the busy vet office, he calmly let us fit for him for a collar while he peered around. A very good looking, nice beagle boy.

posted 12/11/15

Success Story:   Linus has really settled in nicely. We went to see Santa last weekend and he's also built himself a little nest on the couch. We took him to our regular vet for a check up and she has him on glucosamine for his arthritis and another medication for an ear infection. He enjoys walks and telling us all about the good smells he finds and loves rolling in the leaf piles. He's started playing with and chasing our other dogs which they love. He's such a sweetheart.