Name:   Sparkle Garrett (now Ellie)  

Description:   ~ 5-6 yrs old ~ 34 lbs ~ NOW ADOPTED

My name is Sparkle and I am looking for a forever home with someone who wants a friend for life.

I'm friendly, gentle and very affectionate. I love to cuddle, get belly rubs and lounge on the couch. I am comfortable in my doggie bed at night where I snore to my heart's content. Like most Beagles, I love to eat and I sometimes vocalize at dinner time. I also join in the chorus with my foster dogs when we people watch through the window. I don't like to brag, but I'm pretty smart too. I'm house-trained, but I politely "knock" on the door when I want to go out and come back in. I will also "sit" and get "down" when asked and I come when I'm called (most of the time) which my foster family finds pretty amazing for a Beagle. I sometimes show an interest in chasing tennis balls, so I may be a promising future ball player.

I am in a fun foster home with two Beagle sisters, a Jack Russell brother and a 10 and 14 year old human brother and sister. I've only known them for a few weeks and we all get along great. We play with lots of dog toys, chase squirrels and go on walks together. Sometimes this place gets a little loud and chaotic, but it doesn't bother me a bit. I'm glad I have my canine and human buddies--they make me feel secure.

Note from Sparkle's foster parents: So there you have it--this is one special little girl looking for a home and a forever friend to love. So there

posted 9/8/15 and updated 9/22/15

Success Story:   My name is Sparkle Garrett (Ellie). I found myself without a home back in August of 2015. BRSM rescued me and found me a foster home in Virginia.

I settled in to my life in Virginia and started a daily routine of chasing squirrels and following my nose around my yard. My foster family took me for a long car ride back to Maryland one day in September, 2015 called Beagle Bash. Soon after that party, where all of us hounds looked alike, I was becoming popular and my foster family realized I was going to find a forever home very soon. I knew they were happy that so many people wanted to love me, but my foster family realized they already did--they became what people call "foster failures" and adopted me. They gave me the name Ellie, which means "shining light." Deep down, we all knew that I was already home, where I belonged, forever.