Name:   Max Howard  

Description:   ~ 11 yrs old ~ 34 lb ~ Fostered in Potomac Falls, VA ~

Max is definitely letting his personality shine through! He has lost some weight (going from only a cage & basement to 48 steps in our townhouse has helped) & is running around like a pup, playing with our 2 beagle boys & even initiating play at times now. He loves to be near his people & will be by your side, just in case his help is needed... especially in the kitchen : ) Max is just such a sweetie, he does let you know and/or will go outside with you for potty breaks. He looks forward to his daily walks, loves belly rubs & enjoys naps. He is a very active dreamer & quite the source of entertainment once he gets going! This lil' old man deserves the love & comfort every animal should have.

Posted: 6/14/2015 and updated 8/06/15