Name:   Jack Ritter  

Description:   ~ 9 yrs old ~ 30 lbs ~ ADOPTED!! ~

Jack and Morgan are 9 year old purebred beagles who need to be rehomed due to economic hardship. They have been beloved pets their entire lives. They are used to a fenced in yard, however, they have been staying in an apartment for the last several months. They love, absolutely LOVE long walks. They would go on 5 mile hikes and would keep going if it wasn't for the fact their owner needed to take a break. They have been raised in a household with 2 young children and who are ages 4 & 3 and do wonderfully with them. Foster beagles have come through the house with no issues. They get along great with the resident cat not paying her any attention. Jack is the jealous type and if he sees his brother getting attention he had to get some loving as well. Both are cuddle bugs and will take up a large portion of the bed if given the opportunity. They are crate trained and Jack will even go in there for naps. They both have been through P.U.P.S dog obedience training and did wonderfully. They seem to love to learn and are very smart. True to beagle form they live to eat. They are up to date on shots. They have grown up together for the past 8 years but could probably do well separately. They do tend to get excitable when they see other dogs but once they are around them for a bit they tend to calm down. While in obedience class they were always very excited in the beginning to be there but once they started working on the lesson they'd calm right down and would ignore the other dogs. Neither bays much .Jack only does so when he hears a fire siren but usually they just bark to let you know someone is near.

Posted: 8/2/12

Success Story:   We are so delighted with our BRSM boys, Jack and Morgan. They are so affectionate, calm, well-tempered, honest and really appreciate being in a caring home. We constantly comment that we don’t know who is luckier: them or us. But when you see them smile, play, or rest totally at ease, it’s just a wonderful feeling.