Name:   Harvey Garrett  

Description:   ~ 24 lbs ~ Fostered in Rosedale, MD ~

Harvey is a total sweetheart! You will melt the first time he looks at you with those hound brown eyes. He has the most gentle demeanor and is very easy going. The vet thinks he's 9-11 years old; it's just hard to say for sure without knowing his history, and at his last check-up a few weeks ago he weighed 27 pounds.

Harvey has gotten along very well with his foster sisters Stella who is 13 and Lucy who is 5-7. He's very outgoing and has a lot of energy, which makes me think he's not as old as the vet estimates. He is very sweet and loving and craves attention, especially from his foster dad; if Kevin is out of his sight for a minute, you know because he starts his beagle howl/bark! He also enjoys lounging on the couch in between us; he'll fall into a deep sleep and stays there until we have to wake him up. He has started to play more with the various stuffed toys around the house and loves going on walks. He has definitely become more vocal about how happy he is to go walk! We haven't ridden long distances with him in the car, but he has been well behaved on his trips to and from the animal hospital and has not gotten car sick.

With respect to his health, overall, he is in wonderful shape! We have incorporated Hills Prescription Diet S/O (for urinary health) hard food into his daily diet, and he is taking an antibiotic to help with a minor tendon issue in his back left paw. He has had some usual ear issues but a little medicine has done the trick when flair ups occur. He has some tartar build up, so he will eventually need a teeth cleaning, but his gums are nice and pink like they should be. Harvey gets up and down the stairs without any problem most of the time, but he does need a little help getting up and down off the couch."

As you can see in the pictures, he's cutey pie! The last picture shows how the trio sleeps most nights with Stella on your left, Lucy in the center, and Harvey on your right.

Posted: 4/15/12 and updated 11/12/12