Name:   Beagleslee (now Beasley)  

Description:   NOW ADOPTED
~ 3 yrs old ~ 29 lbs ~ Fostered in Reston, VA ~

Beagleslee is a very nice, laid back kind of guy. He is from Kentucky where he was found wandering by the side of the road. He's a handsome guy and a good weight, so must not have been on his own for too long. He was pretty stoic upon arrival on the transport for a fellow who had been cramped in a crate for 13+ hours. He immediately found a pole and relieved himself for what seemed like a solid 5 minutes - so if he wasn't crate trained before, he probably is now. Beagleslee is just an all around nice boy and we think he'll make someone a devoted companion. He's great in the car. His foster mom reports that he is playful and likes toys.

Posted: 7/13/14

Success Story:  
Hi Everyone- My name is Beasley (formerly Beagleslee.) I feel like the luckiest guy in the world and I let my mommy, daddy & big brother know every day how much I love and appreciate them. They tell me all the time that I’m such a good snuggler and they can’t believe what a sweetheart I am, after ALL that I’ve been through since being picked up in Kentucky in June. I’ve had every test imaginable, been fixed, spent almost 14 hours in a kennel on the drive to Maryland, stayed with 2 foster families, I’ve been on antibiotics for my ears & mouth, then had my teeth cleaned with 3 having to be removed, but I’m just as happy and as loving as ever. Eddie, my big brother, is also a beagle & we have the best time ‘hunting’ together on our walks, wrestling at least once a day, playing tag and guarding our yard. He’s really nice & shared his toys with me, before mommy & daddy bought me some of my very own. He even lets me nap on him several times a day, but of course when it comes to food, sharing goes out the window! During the summer, my favorite is our garden! Mommy laughs & calls me a little thief, but I just can’t help ‘sampling’ several tomatoes a day, even if it means climbing up through the cages to get the best red ones at the top. *YUM* I want to thank everyone at BRSM that made my adoption possible, THANK YOU, you guys are the best & I hope that all of my old roomies have the same good luck that I’ve had! Xoxo –Beasley