Name:   Caleb Hughes  

Description:   NOW ADOPTED ~ 20 lbs ~ 3 yrs old

Caleb was in a different foster home originally, but he escaped under their fence. So we will make sure every inch of fence is firmly grounded for him.

Caleb is adorable. He looks like he's wearing clown eye-makeup. Each eye is sitting in a diamond of black fur. Even his feet are cute. He looks like he's wearing white spats. He is playful and fun-loving. He loves to be chased by other dogs. He's very good in the house and he knows that the sofa was put there for his benefit. He is a little reserved when meeting someone new, but you're soon his new best friend.

Here's a link to a video of Caleb playing with our foster CoonHound Tyler. click to see the video

Posted 8/24/13.