Name:   Shorty  

Description:   ADOPTED !!

Shorty is a calm, sweet and devoted beagle boy. He is the ultimate couch potato and will sit on your lap or lay in your arms for hours. He just can’t seem to get enough attention and love. If he thinks that you are ignoring him as you take a breather at the sink, he will stand on his short little back legs and ask if maybe you have time to pet him. He will go for a walk with you, but he much prefers the spring for this exercise routine. If it is very hot and the pavement can burn little paws, he prefers to put off the walking until fall. He will chew on nylabone toys at times to occupy his time and “burn those calories”. He is crate trained and often eats in his crate since he is a slow eater and his foster siblings take this as an invitation to share his meal. Shorty is not aggressive to other dogs, but will make it clear which bowl is his with a little growl. He waits patiently and docilely for his treats and usually goes outside to go to the bathroom. He does use the dog door when he feels like it, but we mostly go outside together with him on lead. It is a long way with lots of steps at our house to get to the yard. Shorty doesn’t race out when the door is opened, but rather waits his turn. He doesn’t join in when his siblings find a bunny or walker to announce and he has no interest to dig in the garden or yard. He usually is very good about toileting outside, but when done, he hurries back indoors. He doesn’t really seem to like the great outdoors, wet feet or exploring the yard. When he finally retires for the evening, it is usually to his crate. He sleeps through the night and will give you a little extra catch up rest on the weekends. He isn’t an early riser. Shorty never complains even if the feeding schedule is a little behind. He just takes everything in stride. He would like to find a quiet loving home that can appreciate him and will dote on him. He was born to be indoors and on your lap as much as possible. Shorty is a living doll. His photographs do not do him justice. There has never been a sweeter face on a dog. If you are willing to sit and pet him, he will stare adoringly into your face and grunt contentedly. What Shorty (Please change his name!) lacks in manic energy, he makes up for in affection. At night when his foster dad settles down in front of the television, Shorty sits on his lap and soaks up the love. If Dad's chores have him running late for TV Time, Shorty climbs onto the chair and waits for him. Shorty could stand to lose a pound or two, which may bring his energy level up a notch, but he is truly content just to be by your side - he's a wonderful companion dog. He doesn't mind the household cats and gets on well with the other dogs in his home. There's not an aggressive bone in his body. Shorty truly is a love. Adoptive Status: Neutered, UTD on shots, heartworm negative and micro-chipped. Dream Home Minimum Requirements: Love. Lots of it. Back to back episodes of Law and Order and a lap to sit in while watching. Owner Aptitude Level: Beginner. Posted: 4/17/11