Name:   Mocha Franklin (Sandy)  

Description:   ~ 14 yrs ~ 23 lbs ~ NEEDS A FOSTER HOME~

After 11 years of being in her home, Sandy finds herself in need of a place to retire. Sandy has become a bit anxious, most likely due to a baby coming along during her senior years. She is generally good with children, but we would suggest older ones who aren't prone to walking around with crackers in their hands. She is quite food motivated. While she is used to being walked on lead, these days she would just as soon stay home and hang in the sun in the yard. Per her last vet appointment (in March 2022), she is in excellent physical condition, has no joint pain or issues and is fairly youthful for her age. She has no trouble getting up and down, although she's slower than she used to be. She has tremors, but the vet indicated that he felt it was anxiety related. We think she'd like a home on the quiet side where dropped toys don't land on her. And after being the only dog in the house for so many years, she would like to continue in that fashion, so she can get all the love. Can you offer her a safe haven? If so, please contact

Posted: 07/02/22