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Name:   Rudy Pelle  
Description:   ~ Fostered in Kensington, MD ~ 8-9 yrs old ~
Rudy is a sweet fellow that would love to share your life. He is very people bonded and looks forward to being a part of an active lifestyle. While he is ok with staying behind to wait for his people to return, he would like it much better if he could go along. When he sees his harness, he gets excited and he loves to go for car rides. He also loves to go for walks just to get out to see the world.

Rudy is 8-9 years old so the manic puppy years are behind him. He is a healthy energetic companion for a single person or a multi person household. He does prefer to be the only dog in the family so he can get all of the attention and love. He seems to be a little afraid of other dogs especially large dogs so he barks to scare them away.

He is a gentleman in the house. He knows to go outside to potty, agrees to reside in a crate for short periods of time, and is generally quiet indoors. He is protective of his people so he will give a small warning growl if startled after bedtime. He sleeps on a pillow in the master bedroom so I feel safe when we retire for the night.

Rudy is a great guy that just wants to be loved and share your life. If you are looking for a new friend, stop by to meet him. Trust me, it will be worth the effort.

updated 6/21/15