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Name:   Fred Amelia  
Description:   ~ 10 yrs old ~ Heart-shaped markings ~ Fostered in Pasadena, MD

Fred is a sweet older (almost 10) beagle who absolutely loves when his people are home. Fred can be very demanding of attention (nudging and batting his paw especially while you are on the phone or computer or when he wants to eat), but is a sweetheart. He is generally happy and wants to be loved. He loves to snuggle and be pet. He’s rather on the large size for a beagle, and doesn’t always pay attention to where or what he might be sitting on. He doesn’t wrestle, but he likes to run around and wag his tail. He would love to go on daily walks. He is very well-behaved in the car. He would be best with someone who is home a lot.

He does not like to be closed in the crate at all, although he will sometimes rest in the crate when the door is left open. He will howl, cry and scratch while he is locked in the crate and sometimes just as you leave the house. He doesn’t like to be away from his people. and He has some age related decreased vision and will growl when startled, like when sleeping and doesn't see or know you are coming. His former owners learned to announce or call his name when he is sleeping or involved with a toy or bone so they know he sees and knows you are there. He has improved while on a medication for anxiety.

Fred was adopted from us and had to be returned after 5 years. One of the reasons his former owners decided to give up was because they had a toddler and Fred had growled at him once, so he probably would be better in a home without children. He is sometimes aggressive with the other dogs but he’s generally been fine with them, especially when they are more submissive and not the alfa-dog. I actually think he would be better with another dog, because he won’t be so lonely when his humans are away.

Posted: 02/25/18 and updated 03/28/18