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Name:   Ronnie Granville  
Description:   ~ 9 yrs old ~ 25 lb ~ fostered in Prince Frederick, MD ~

Sweet guy. I forgot to post him when he came 1 month ago. He was in a foster home in NC before arriving in Maryland. Here is what she said: When we first got Ronnie, he had had a bad day. Neutered and a dental that pulled 14 teeth. But it didn't take him long before he was exploring the house and the other 2 dogs.

It has been wonderful having him. Here is a little about his personality:
- He loves attention.
- He rides very well in the car.
- He sleeps through thunderstorms.
- He walks well on a leash. On walks he wants to meet and greet everyone.
- Calm during a bath.
- No problem with stairs.
- Despite being 9 yrs old, he has puppy energy at dinnertime.

Likes: being with his peeps, ambling in the yard, watching people make dinner. Dislikes: spinach.
poste4d 06/13/24