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Name:   Carl St Mary  
Description:   ~ 28 lb ~ 8 yrs old ~ fostered in Berwyn Heights, MD

Carl is the sweetest, gentlest little smush! He loves being with his foster people, snuggling on the couch, and looking out the front door. Carl is great at walking on a leash and always goes potty on walks. We don't know why he ended up in a shelter, but humans still intimidate him sometimes with quick movements. He doesn't quite know how to play "like a dog" and finds joy in chewing paper or pulling blankets around rather than his toys, but with some more time and love, he will be ripping squeakers out of toys in no time.

He interacted very gently and sweetly with a 3-year-old and a 1-year-old, but the 3-year-old running and jumping around did scare him, so a home with calm or older children would probably be best for him. He is very excited about other dogs, and though he hasn't interacted with any yet, we think he would love a canine companion. We're currently working on his separation anxiety, which may be helped by having another dog around. We hope he'll be less stressed alone soon, but he'd definitely be happiest in a house where someone is home during the day.

- He does amazing riding in the car
- He sleeps solidly from 10PM-7AM
- He loves food, but doesn't keep eating once he's full
- He would much prefer you give him attention than work on your laptop
- He is signed up for obedience classes
- He loves to watch other doggies on TV

Carl is an absolute joy — he's silly, goofy, and has an insatiable appetite for love and pets. It's clear that he had a tough start to life, but he's acclimating incredibly to his foster home and will thrive in a loving, safe forever home.
posted 05/24/24 and updated 05/30/24