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Name:   Hooch Gilroy  
Description:   ~ 28 lb ~ 2 yrs old ~ fostered in Laurel, MD ~

Hooch, who is approximately 2 years old, is an energetic, happy, sweet dog who is friendly, playful, and affectionate. He walks easily on a leash with a no pull harness, though he does need some encouragement to keep it moving when his nose really locks onto something. He is excited to see other dogs, with typical beagle howls on occasion.

Hooch has gotten along well with his foster sister who is an intense 15-month-old. He does not get upset when she steals his toys, or his treats. Hooch would love to have a home with another playful dog.

He is very excited by food and tends to jump towards it, but he is learning his manners and is starting to sit for his own dinner.

Hooch is a fast learner, and house training is going well. He is learning to ask to go out, but he still needs to be monitored closely for other signs. Due to the house-training process, he is crated at night or when his foster family is not home and does well in the crate as he mostly naps.

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posted 05/02/24 and updated 05/20/24