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Name:   Monica Suffolk  
Description:   ~ 3 yrs old ~ 20 lb ~ fostered in Laurel, MD ~

"Nika" is making quick progress after 4 weeks with us. She knows her name and has the routine down regarding feedings, mornings and bedtime. She does not like rain, but will tolerate it well when access to the house is blocked. But, she insists I enjoy the rain with her for the first few minutes. Then she’s running and joyous. Now, she will take treats from an open hand, but is scared if they’re dropped or thrown to her. She has claimed her favorite toy and takes it to bed, but do not attempt to squeak it! She’ll run for cover! She’s improving on walks, but is still somewhat fearful. Doesn’t pull much. At this point, she’s sleeping on the bed or in her crate equally well. After a night in her crate, she just can’t get enough snuggles! She goes in and out the doggie door on her own.

Here's a link to a video of Nika watching TV. click to see the video

posted 04/16/24 and updated 05/18/24