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Name:   Arthur Suffolk  
Description:   ~ 12 yrs old ~ 30 lb ~ fostered in Baltimore, MD ~

Meet Arthur, a 10ish year old distinguished fella, approximately 25ish lbs, who has obviously not had an easy life. Skinny and awkward, Arthur entered his foster home with a new lease on life.

He has been mistreated in the past but his trust and attachment to humans has not been affected. He loves his foster family and loves hanging out with us. It’s adorable because he will follow you around. He just craves human attention. It’s very sweet! He is a sweetheart that really grows on you.

He loves car rides! He enjoys his walks but he can be weary of other dogs. He will bark out of fear so we try to give him space as he becomes more comfy. He also likes to remind the neighborhood dogs who walk by the big bay window that he has this territory covered. He gets along with our fur family of dogs and cats who are all past the puppy hyper stage. If you ask him, he probably prefers things a bit calm so no young children or hyper young dogs either. He says he was once a young pup but not anymore!

Arthur is potty trained, no accidents at all which is so rare for a dog in foster care. He has hypothyroidism which has been easily managed with a small pill each day, doesnt cost much at all! Poor guy recently went through a dental and has had several teeth removed and he needs a few more pulled. He hasn’t wanted to eat hard food and now we know why. Poor guy! The good news is he seems to feel better which is all that matters. He’s chowing down on the soft food at least for now!

Arthur needs a chance. People adopt because they want to rescue. Well he has been rescued and now it’s time he found a furever home that is waiting for him. Please consider adopting this sweet soul.
posted 04/16/24 and updated 05/22/24