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Name:   Benjamin Edgecombe  
Description:   ~ 7 yrs old ~ 45 lb ~ NEEDS A FOSTER HOME ~

This boy is absolutely GOLDEN! The drivers of both transports that got him to Baltimore had nothing but glowing things to say about Benjamin. When we met him for his photo session, we were struck by what a genial soul he is. You would be hard pressed to come by a nicer dog. Friendly to the max, playful and not a mean bone in his considerable body! Benjamin has been waiting a very long time in a kennel for a foster home, and in that time he gained some weight. His new family will need to make sure that he gets a reasonable diet and plenty of exercise. He needs to lose 10-12 lbs to arrive at a healthy weight. Even with his excess girth, he wanted to play. We have photo after photo of him doing a play bow and we have to believe he'd like another friendly dog to patrol the yard, play chase with and gossip about the squirrels next door.

You may notice that Ben's bottom lip droops a bit. There doesn't seem to be any trauma to his jaw. The vet thinks it may be a birth defect. We find it adorable.

Everyone (including the photographer) who meets Benjamin just loves him!

Posted 04/02/24