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Name:   Nanny St Mary  
Description:   ~ 7 to 8 yrs ~ 25 lb ~ temp fostered in Timonium, MD ~

NANNY: Is ready for adoption. She is sweet and loves checking out the yard. She is often 1st out and last in. She comes when called and walks well on a leash. Unlike most beagles, she is a slow eater. Nanny loves your lap, is crate trained and potties outside She will Bay (howl) for a few minutes when 1st in the cage but settles down quickly. A beautiful, playful senior with sagging belly skin from her huge hernia. She loves to sleep ?? in but will get up if coaxed.

Nanny had a horrible hernia and the outcomes were scary, but the surgeon reported she was able to close up the area with no complications. No drama. She is expected to have a happy, normal life. During her hernia surgery, internal organs were visible and in perfect condition. Surgeon said she was very healthy.

She has growled at the other fosters if they get too close and she doesn't want to be bothered.
posted 03/16/24 and updated 03/29/24