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Name:   Otis Haven  
Description:   ~ 2 yrs old ~ 30 lb ~ fostered in Clinton, MD ~

Otis was found coming out of a field somewhere in Southern Illinois a little over a year ago now by a long-distance truck driver. He knew he needed help and took him in with the full intention of finding him a home, but being on the road didn't provide much opportunity to where he could be assured that he was going to be loved and cared for. It got harder and harder because they love each other, but Otis needs room to run and play and be a dog. Part of the time Otis has to stay in his create and since there is no fence in yard, he stays on a lead when he is outside.

Otis is a very, very sweet dog but its just not fair to him to keep like this.

He is feisty, barky, jumpy and will climb on you. When he is scared, he tends to hide in corners and under beds. He is a very affectionate dog, but he does bark a lot at other animals. When he is feeling threatened he will corner himself and attempt to nip, but going slow he never really does anything.

posted 03/03/24