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Name:   Elliot Beaufort (now Snoopy)  
Description:   ~ 10 yrs old ~ 26 lb ~ fostered in Baltimore, MD ~

Elliott is an approximately 10-year-old neutered male from North Carolina. He was a stray to the shelter. Elliott may have an old man’s face but he is young at heart. He is very playful and loves to play fetch – he even brings the ball back! He’s also self-sufficient and will happily play with his ball by himself when his people are busy. He loves to go on walks and gets especially excited for walks in the woods. He pulls on his leash when he gets excited about new smells and sounds but he is very food motivated and has already learned to check in with his person while out walking. He is also very friendly and loves to meet new people. When he isn’t having adventures, Elliott wants to be snuggled up right next to someone. He is an expert cuddler and his dulcet snores and snorts are irresistible. Elliott is about 90% housetrained and foster mom says that other 10% is mostly her fault for not responding to his cues quickly.

Elliott lives in a foster home with two other dogs but he does not like to share his toys so should be an only dog or should be supervised whenever toys are around. He also lives with an 8yo human who he is very sweet with. One of his favorite activities is picking up him up from school and getting attention from all the kids. Elliott does not live with cats and will attempt to chase cats he sees on walks. He goes in his pen in his foster parents room when not supervised and does not make a fuss.
posted 02/26/24 and updated 03/25/24