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Name:   Holly Beaufort  
Description:   ~ 47 lb ~ 5 yrs old ~ fostered in Piney Point, MD ~

She is very sweet but nervous. She still startles very easily.

She loves other dogs - but can be a bit overwhelming for my two older small dogs just because of her size and youthful energy but she is pretty responsive to their body language and will back off when they tell her to. I think she would be great as a second dog for someone with a playful pup. She does seem to look to the other dogs for feedback about what to do. She seems like she might be anxious if she was by herself.

Positives: She is crate trained and housebroken. She does not like to potty in the yard - but I take her for two small walks a day and she is very good about going potty on her walks. She does pull a lot on the leash but I am working on that with her. She is gentle and affectionate with me. She is a little slow to warm up to people but it is that much more meaningful when she comes up for some love and pets.

Negatives: She can open doors if they have a lever handle. She did chew up a couple of dog beds when she first got here but now that she has settled in she doesn’t seem as destructive.

She likes women better than men - but she does adjust to men with a slow introduction.

posted 02/20/24 and updated 04/07/24