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Name:   Brooks Warren  
Description:   ~ 3 yrs ~ 20 lb ~ fostered in Hagerstown, MD ~

Hi! My name is Brooks and foster mama says I’m full of puppy mischief and charm. At only 20lbs, I’m super portable and perfect for scooping up for when you need snuggles. When it comes to car rides, I like to sit on a lap and look out the window, so I’m a good travel companion.I am a very sociable pup and enjoy the company of people and dogs – I would love a home with another doggie friend!There are these creatures called cats in my foster home, and I am verrrry interested in meeting them up close, but I don’t think they appreciate it when I race towards them and try to sing them the song of my people.

I pull on the leash because my beagle nose takes over on walks and I want to track all the wonderful scents on the ground, but foster mama is teaching me to slow down and smell the roses. I get the zoomies and love to jump and roll and play and get all that energy out before cuddling next to my people or foster brother for a nap. Chew toys are my jam, and sometimes I grab foster mama’s slipper, but I leave it alone when she corrects me. Foster mama says I am a very smart boy, and she is teaching me some basic commands like sit and down. I don’t understand what “stay” is, but she says that one always takes some time.

I prefer to roam at large in the house but will stay in the crate if that’s what you want, and I’ll sleep through the night in there with a warm blankie and a stuffie. When it’s mealtime, I sit nicely and wait patiently for my kibble and I take treats gently, so little hands will be safe around me. I go potty outside, but I’m not quite housetrained yet – making progress, tho! Foster mama wants me to share that I will try to dig or squeeze through any gaps to escape the yard, so my new home must have a secure fence. She says I’m just the sweetest Little Bit and will make a family very happy with my beagle shenanigans and sweet beagle heart.
posted 01/30/24 and updated 02/17/24