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Name:   Dilly Warren  
Description:   ~ 7 yrs old ~ 28 lb ~ fostered in Kensington, MD ~

Dilly is a healthy, sweet and loving dog. He likes people and dogs. We don’t know about cats, but he pretty much ignored the cat wandering around the vet’s office the other day. There is not one aggressive bone in his body, but there are many play bones built in. He likes to run and chase his foster brother, but is more than happy to entertain himself with his cloth pumpkin, durachew or rubber ball if no one is available to play. He will toss his toy only to pounce on it. Once in a while, he may choose an inappropriate item like a chair cushion to carry around. So far, he has not chewed any items up, but it is best to keep an eye on him when he is looking for a toy. He generally drops the item and moves on when reprimanded. He is not demanding, but is always willing to accept loving and kisses from mom or dad.

He is a patient boy waiting quietly for his food or treats, and has a good grasp of the “potty outside” concept. I have not yet invested time in training, but he seems to be bright and I don’t think it will be hard to train him. He wants to please. If you raise your voice, he sort of wilts as if expecting a physical followup. He enjoys the yard and will run from one end to the other for exercise. We have a 4ft fence that he has made no attempt to scale, jump, dig under or otherwise escape. He was found as a stray weighing 27 pounds so he may have no desire to leave the comforts of home to be on his own once more. So far, he has been a quiet and good traveler in the car. When he hears other dogs in the neighborhood, he stops what he is doing and perks up. Often he will communicate with them in his beautiful beagle voice, but doesn’t usually continuously bark at either dogs or people. In his off hours, he likes to snuggle on his pillow and revitalize his energy. Dilly would make a great addition to any family. He is one of the best foster dogs that I have had the privilege of caring for. One additional note: Dilly is starting his heart worm treatment on Monday 05Fe24.
posted 01/24/24 and updated 02/04/24