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Name:   Lorelei Haven  
Description:   ~ 1 yr old ~ 21 lb ~ fostered in Ijamsville, MD ~

Loki and Lorelei are a gorgeous pair of one-year-old bonded siblings who, through a series of unlucky circumstances, have already had four different homes! This playful pair is more than ready to settle down with someone who loves to snuggle and has space for them to run and play.

While it might seem daunting to take on a pair, in this case two is easier than one! They are rarely apart and keep themselves fully entertained, whether chasing each other around the yard, wrestling, or playing tug. They are still full of puppy-like energy but will instantly sit with (or preferably on top of!) anyone who is on the couch! These pups are on the small side (17 and 20 lbs) and are both completely healthy, altered, and housetrained. They have never been in a shelter and show no signs of trauma. They get along great with other dogs (they have been known to playfully harass cats), are not food aggressive, and are well-behaved in the car (Loralei may suffer from carsickness).

As expected given their history, they still need some work on their manners—but they are super smart and learn quickly. Currently, they will sit for their food and are working hard on not jumping up. If you have space in your home and heart for what might be the world’s snuggliest pair of beagles, Loki and Lorelei could be your new best friends.

Posted: 01/05/24