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Name:   Oreo Beaufort  
Description:   ~ 11 months old ~ 43 lb ~ fostered in Hillsboro, VA ~

Meet Oreo! This sweetheart looks to set a Guinness World Record for tail wagging every time he sees you. This 11 month old puppy is exceptionally well-behaved and crate trained. He loves to spend the day playing with his brother Moonpie. Oreo is the more reserved pup of the dynamic duo but happily joins in on adventures. He will affectionately curl up on his doggy bed and stare at you with the most loving eyes! It melts your heart. Oreo would appreciate a yard to run around and explore or adventurous walks. He is great with other dogs and was interested in our cats but didn't chase when they ran away.

The only thing better than adopting a beagle mix into your family is adopting two beagle mixes! Also check out his brother Moonpie!
posted 11/22/23 and updated 11/24/23