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Name:   Davey Tarboro  
Description:   ~ 6-7 yrs old ~ fostered in Rockville, MD ~

Davey is just the sweetest dog! He follows me everywhere and is enthusiastic about almost everything, especially food and going outside. He is affectionate and loves pets and kisses. I learned today, however, that he does not love baths. :)

He is doing much better with the cat and she is finally tolerating him. Last night, myself, the cat, and both dogs sat on the couch peacefully for a couple of hours. They were all snoozing while I read. So that is very positive. I'd still be cautious about him going to a home with cats but if everyone is patient I think it will work out.

In general his energy levels have leveled off a bit now that he is used to the house and the yard and all the wonderful new things they contain. He chews less and doesn't try to get into things so, um, doggedly. He and Charlie play many times throughout the day and I have never seen any aggression between them. Charlie will need a playful companion.

Here are links to video of Davey playing with our other dogs. click to see the Davey and Charlie (the white dog.)

click to see the Davey (the smaller dog) and Lily.

posted 10/01/23 and updated 10/25/23