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Name:   Blondie Howard  
Description:   ~ 7 yrs old ~ 19 lb ~ fostered in Potomac, MD ~

Herer is what the shelter said about her: This adorable tiny girl was found, is about 7yrs old, weighs 19lbs and has a docile and submissive personality. She is sweet and she shivers nervous and scared because she is just shut down and so very scared. She was like that even when she was found. She had no idea what to do about being out in the open next to a neighborhood and just stayed there laying down until we got there. She was too scared to walk and just wanted us to pick her up. We can pet her and pick her up with no problem. We can get her to walk on leash a little too. She wags her tail when she sees us now. She will lay down and close her eyes when she is scared. OMG, she breaks my heart! She wants us to make the first move.

She would not be a good match for most people. Needs Beagle experienced adopter, no kids (because they scare her to death with the spontaneous way they move), no loud traffic with trucks rolling by on her walk. She will most likely never be a snuggler but she loves to be close to other dogs and does not mind the cats. She is a sweet girl but whatever bad things happened to her is hard for her to overcome. This is truly a "rescue" situation.
posted 08/17/23 and updated 11/08/23