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Name:   Beans Suffolk  
Description:   ~ 2 yrs old ~ 29 lb ~ fostered in Baltimore, MD ~

Beans is a fearful dog, but he never acts out when he’s afraid. He looks for a safe space to go to; in my house it’s a crate. While he is unfazed by tv, radio, or music inside, outside is where his fears are most evident. He will panic when my dogs bark or play; he panics at every noise outside: lawnmowers, dogs barking or whining several houses away, emergency vehicles, mail and delivery trucks, loud vehicles. He is afraid of me inside (I can’t look at or approach him while he’s eating or he runs into the crate), but will come to me outside. He watches me inside, constantly.

But he was enthusiastic when my neighbor’s kids (8 and 3) came to the fence to meet him. Tail wagging and he licked their fingers through the fence. I think he may be interested in my dogs, but he stays away from them for the most part, unless he feels safe and my dogs are calm.

He has started venturing outside the crate today (Day 4) and chose a dog bed. But he only moves between the bed and the crate.

Little steps for him, but at least I see progress. He appears to be house broken! He is a very quiet dog. Every move is done slowly and cautiously.

I hope that as he begins to feel totally safe here, his real personality will emerge. For more pictures and updates, check out the Facebook page from his foster mom.
posted 08/12/23 an updated 08/23/23