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Name:   Rylee Charles  
Description:   ~ 1 yr old ~ 15 lb ~ fostered in WV ~

What a cutie! She has a little physical hurdle that is resolving now. She was dragging her back legs when we got her from the shelter. But things are looking up for her.

Rylee has been spayed and had her dental, and is doing well! Stitches come out this weekend. The good news is the X-ray did not show any bone issues, pelvis was normal, spinal spacing normal, no broken parts! So the doc feels she’s either had something like tick paralysis or a disc issue that is resolving itself. Once the stitches come out I can start to allow her more freedom! ( yeah as we all are going cage crazy with her!) but he said to expect it to take months for a full recovery. She is a very fast dog even with her issues! So can’t imagine what her potential will be once she can move with more stability! Definitely recommend a fenced yard so she can let loose safely, definitely a couch potato life expected (no sports)! She can be quite vocal too and she warms up but starts out really shy for a few days. She’s such a puppy, wanting to play!

posted 09/21/23