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Name:   Cowboy CC  
Description:   ~ 37 lb ~ 10 yrs old ~ Fostered in Silver Spring, MD ~

He is the sweetest guy and has fit in with everyone here super well. When the air quality isn't bad (we try to limit his exposure since he still has a terrible cough) he just loves to lay in the grass or roll around on his back in it. After moving his crate into our bedroom, he has been super calm at night. We are now just working on his anxiety when we leave, as it takes him up to 20 minutes to calm down and just relax in his crate.

He is being treated for Heartworms and will be ready in a few months. Or he can move to an adoptive home if they will keep his appointments and keep him calm while recovering.
posted 05/18/23 and updated 06/26/23