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Name:   Ozzy Milford  
Description:   ~ 3 yrs old ~ 18 lb ~ fostered in Baltimore City ~

Tiny Ozzy is just the sweetest thing! Smart, too! He figured out the dog door in his foster home within a day. This is a celebratory feat for any dog, but especially for Ozzy. You see, Ozzy has very low vision. We have taken him to a veterinary ophthalmologist, but unfortunately there is nothing that can be done for his vision. Ozzy knows his way around the house and no longer bumps into fixed objects. Moving ones give him trouble and he will occasionally bump into another dog or his humans. If you asked him what concerned him more, his lack of vision or his impending neuter, he'd probably be more concerned with the neuter.

Ozzy was understandably stressed upon entering rescue. He couldn't see and had no idea who was handling him or where they were taking him, so it will take him a couple of weeks to feel comfortable in a new environment. He'd probably do best in an adult home that's relatively quiet.--at least initially. He LOVES other dogs and loves to play - with toys and with the other dogs in his foster home. Ozzy has developed a flair for gardening, and is happy to assist in digging up potted plants. He is headstrong (almost like he's a beagle!) and is terrible on lead, so you'll have some 'splainin' to do with him. He'd prefer that you don't move the furniture around or leave the lower cabinet doors open and that his bed be in the same place every night, but dogs with low/no vision adapt remarkably quickly and have every bit as much love to give as their sighted fellow dogs. Have room for this hunka-hunka burning love? This guy just has personality in spades!

If you'd like to adopt Ozzy, please complete a Foster/Adopter Profile found here: and email the completed form to Come on! You know you want to!

Posted 05/10/23