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Name:   Rosa Hughes  
Description:   ~ 5 yrs ~ 19 lb ~ fostered in Potomac, MD ~

We are getting surgery to repair her cherry eyes. Very shy, but sweet girl.

Rosa was scared and traumatized when she was at the noisy shelter but since she is in a foster home, she shows us that she is a super sweet Beagle girl who loves having other pet friends to boost her confidence. All the dogs at her foster home really like her. Loud vehicles and little kids scare her a bit but she really wants to trust people and may be great around kind children. She is small and gentle but wants to follow her Beagle nose and can pull on the leash quite a bit when she wants to follow a scent. BRSM is still working on getting her health issues taken care of and the last step will be getting the Cherry Eye fixed by a specialist surgeon but she could move to a potential adopter's home on a "Foster to adopt" contract while BRSM will still take care of her vetting.
posted 03/20/23 and updated 05/29/23