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Name:   Phoebe Baldwin  
Description:   ~ 8.5 yrs old ~ 46 lb ~ Beagle/lab mix ~ Fostered in Baltimore City ~

Phoebe's family took her to the shelter, explaining that they couldn't afford to care for her. She arrived with severe trauma to the ear. We are unsure of what happened, but glad she is now safe with us. She is a gentle soul.

Phoebe has been a wonderful house guest! She gets along great with the resident beagle— keeping mainly to herself but seeming to enjoy the company. She will sleep on her own for naps but now usually joins us for company overnight. She is a fan of nesting her blankets which is quite cute!

Phoebe has so much love to give! Even when her wounds are being cleaned, she lays her head on her foster mom and does not give any resistance more than trying to shield the healing side. She’s gentle and loves affection. On the note of healing, she still has a while to go for everything to be closed up but we can see the progress as we check it every day. She has been great with her medicine, always taking in the first try with meat, cheese, or peanut butter. She loves her meals & snacks and has filled in more as was needed. Her fur and skin is also looking great!

She is great on her leash and keeps a nice pace. She has the energy expected in relation to her age. She gets excited for her walk when the leash comes out then when back inside, curls up for her naps.

Phoebe is excited for stuffy toys and does a playful bow and tap dance for them. She doesn’t play much with them once she has it which is good since we are being careful while healing. Phoebe is full of gentle tail wags and she loves belly rubs— often rolling over right when she spots me coming in the room! And she's so smart. Phoebe knows:
-Other paw

As mentioned, she is great with the senior resident beagle and is excited when seeing other beagles at the park. She may think she is a beagle! We have not met many other dogs up close as we're careful while her wounds are healing. She does seem interested in them, more the small dogs than those her own size.

Her favorite things are: belly rubs, walks, watching out the storm door/window, comfy nap spots, and food! Chasing squirrels, given the chance, could also make that list! Phoebe will make a fantastic companion and she deserves all the best things in the world!

Posted 03/20/23 and updated 04/20/23