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Name:   Savanna Warren  
Description:   ~ 4 yrs old ~ 15 lb ~ Fostered in Arlington, VA ~

Savanna is a sweet bundle of energy who's tail starts wagging the moment she opens her eyes! She is perfectly travel size and indeed loves to travel in the car, looking out of the window, taking it all in! She's currently living in a home with two other beagles, so it's fully stocked with toys. Savanna is still trying to figure out which is her favorite... fluffy, fuzzy, squeaky, chewy, bones, antlers, balls, sticks... they all end up in her crate at some point during the day. When she's not playing with toys, she can often be found close to (or on top of) the household humans snoozing and snoring. It's hard for us to imagine her being happy in a home with no (securely) fenced yard. She is lightning fast, running circles around the humans, doing her happy dance in the grass, finding sticks for chewing or trying to get the curmudgeonly other dogs to play.

We'd be remiss if we forgot to mention her other favorite thing: treats. She doesn't necessarily eat them, but enjoys hiding them, burying them in the yard, in her crate, under pillows... Her foster brothers love the transformation of their home into a scavenger hunt playground, although they're not entirely won over by her youthful energy. In turn, she refers to them as Waldorf and Statler (Yes, she's got a sarcastic bent.) Mostly she is respect of them, including their nap time, but she does wish she had someone her age to play with. Occasionally she does get them to play for a hot minute.

Savanna can also jump! She's a bouncy, happy, ever wagging sprite that will fall asleep on you at the drop of a hat. She LOVES all of the other dogs she sees on walks, wants to say "Hi, nice to sniff you" to everyone she meets. At night she sleeps in her crate, during the day she is in and out of it, snoozing, playing, rolling around in it. Dare we say it? She seems to be house trained. No guarantees, but so far, so good! She is an entertaining pleasure to have around.

If you'd like to meet Savanna, please complete an adoption profile located at this link: When completed, email it to Posted: 2/21/23