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Name:   Major Hughes  
Description:   ~ 4 years old ~ 60 lbs ~ Fostered in Glen Burnie, MD ~

Major's been doing great in his foster home! He knows to potty outside and is, in general, just plain good company. Major is VERY playful. He loves to play with the family chihuahua in the house-which is quite a sight given their size difference. His foster mom has even taken him to the park with her friend's Bernese Mountain dogs and he got along great with them too. There have been no issues with the cats. He likes to chew, but will confine it to appropriate items if given them. He’s a sweet boy and likes attention, but also entertains himself laying on the couch or playing with toys. Major is a sweet, affectionate, friendly, silly hound. If you're looking for a happy, joyful boy, Major may just be your perfect jam.

Posted: 1/16/2023 (updated 1/22/23)