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Name:   Marlow Hughes  
Description:   ~ 6 yrs old ~ 24 lb ~ Fostered in Fredricksburg, VA ~

This sweet, friendly boy is SO ready to be part of a loving family! HE's the perfect age - well past puppyhood, but young enough to have plenty of energy for doing zoomies in the yard. He'd probably love a canine companion. Marlow's vision isn't the best it could be, but he doesn't let that slow him down at all. Although we think he would absolutely adore children, the mess they create as far as things left in his path might prove hazardous to him. Marlow is just like any other beagle, though... that nose of his will see him through his vision loss and while getting his photo taken, he was more interested in sniffing than posing. Nice boy and a lovely addition to just about any home.

Posted: 11/7/22