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Name:   Christie George  
Description:   ~ 5 yrs old ~ 21 lb ~Temp Fostered in Catonsville MD ~

Playful, bouncy, friendly, outgoing and happy! Christy is a very cute little beagle mix. Maybe some JRT in there? It would be fun to run a DNA test on her. She is newly arrived in rescue and we've only just begun to assess her personality. Hang tight while we figure her out!

I've had Christie in my house for about 36 hrs. She has little interaction with the other dogs in the home - even when they are all barking at a passerby or a squirrel. She would rather be with her peeps. She is pretty quiet for the most part. She also seems to be trained to use pee pads, though she can go out often and she does pee in the yard too. She is very loving.

The shelter said she was 2 yrs old. Our vet says 5 yrs old. I think she's younger than that.

Posted 10/20/22 and updated 11/13/22