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Name:   Mr Banjo Granville (now Bingo)  
Description:   ~ 10 yrs ~ fostered in Brookville, MD ~

Mr. Banjo is an adorable little beagle who is as sweet and gentle as they come. This happy fellow joined us this fall fresh off surgery and extensive dental work. Even during his recovery, Mr. Banjo maintained a pleasant demeanor. Now that he is all healed up, his true colors are starting to show. His favorite activities are sleeping in, poking around the back yard, and joining his humans for a cuddle on the couch during TV time. Mr. Banjo loves the car and would be a great companion at any dog-friendly location. He's not a howler, but has an adorable bark that he uses to say hello!

Mr. Banjo is hard of hearing, but that does not limit him. He was diagnosed with cataracts, but can see well enough to navigate the house and the yard. Balance can be an issue, and sometimes falls over if he gets up too quickly post-nap. It's actually very cute! Despite all that, you'll never meet a happier and gentler dog. He gets along great with dogs and little kids too!

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posted 11/25/22