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Name:   Trevor Charles  
Description:   ~ 23 lb ~ 2 yrs old ~ fostered in Ellicott City, MD ~

Trevor is a handsome, very sweet, and gentle pup who was very scared and shy at first, but his personality has come through. He acts his age of 2 years, with medium energy, bursts of silliness that make us laugh, and a mischievous streak. Trevor loves stuffed animals and squeaky toys (how was he supposed to know, not to steal items of clothing or rip the stuffing out of his bed?). He gets along well with other dogs, ignores our cat, and adores romping around in the backyard preferably with another furry friend. He had lots of fun hiding in, and scattering, piles of raked leaves and stealing my gardening gloves.

Trevor does have a loud bark and can be quite opinionated (read: loud) when he sees deer or other interesting critters. He is working on his potty training and is making progress. He is affectionate, follows us around, and wants to please. Trevor is a fantastic dog and we all love him. 
posted 10/15/22 and updated 11/28/22