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Name:   Roscoe Edgecombe  
Description:   ~ 6 yrs ~ 24 lb ~ fostered in Annapolis, MD ~

He is super sweet as well. He is still very timid, but he is really coming along! His whines are really where you notice the anxiety/lack of confidence/separation anxiety, where we notice the improvement is on the length of the whining... much, much shorter now! He still seeks approval for almost everything. And if he's worried you will disapprove, you will find him either flat on the ground or with his head lowered. It's a delicate balance to show him positive affirmation without bringing too much of our energy to the situation. We are training ourselves, just as much as training him! He doesn't really wonder around the house on his own... His safe zone is the rug in the living room. So anything the rug touches, he is alright to go on his own. He hasn't started following me around or venturing around much on his own. But we'll get there!

He is great at quick potties! He is fully on board to get the quick out and back in routine that you need when you want to take him out in the middle of the day when it’s too hot for a long walk.

He loves all people and other dogs, but most dogs don't love his anxious energy... the other 3 dogs in the house have gotten used to him, but he's not ready yet for group hang outs with the other house dogs yet. For his safety, I'm keeping his interactions on walks to a minimum right now. He's been growled at by other dogs, and he needs only positive interactions, so we keep him on focused, power walks! The walks with the other house dogs have helped his confidence for sure. He doesn't whine once we get going on walks anymore, unless he gets scared, then he would jump in your arms if he could! He's still a tripping hazard on walks, he basically slowly circles you as you walk. We're working on training him to walking on one side and ignoring other dogs and people.

The sweetest change has been in getting him on the couch. It is still effort for him to get up on the couch (not physically, but emotionally,) he was definitely hit when he got up on furniture in his previous life. He cowers/submits when he first gets up, but he does get up on his own now. And as soon as you sit down, he is touching you somehow. Initially he would cower when you would raise your arm to pet him, even when he was demanding your attention. Not that he understands English, but I keep telling him no one will ever hit him again, Love and patience from now on! And tonight he actually is seeking some independence on the couch! He isn't leg to leg with me, he moved to a spot that is even more comfortable to him to stretch out and I couldn't be more happy he is finding his own comfort!

He is heartworm positive and we will be treating him shortly.
posted 08/19/22 and updated 08/31/22