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Name:   Abby Suffolk  
Description:   ~ 27 lb ~ 10 yrs ~ fostered in Annapolis, MD ~

So she continues to be adorable in all her beagle-ness! She is so sweet, gentle, and honestly, she's got a bunch of energy. She tolerates other dogs, but really doesn't love the energy of younger/highly energetic dogs. If she lives with other dogs, I think they need to be lower energy/older dogs or dogs that pay her no attention. She loves to hunt while on walks, she is ultra-attentive to squirrels and the tracks of rabbits that hop around here! The girl loves people, can't get enough of walking past everyone with a big beagle smile and tail in the air and always happily greets anyone that wants to pet her. All in all she is great on walks. I met with a neighbor out on a walk and we talked for a bit. She sat down and just calmly waited for the walk to resume... such a good girl! Now related to walks, potty is still a real work in progress. She needs no joke, a mile walk before she even indicates she will attempt to potty... so no quick trips out for this girl. On the plus side, we are getting a bunch of steps under our belt! She gets at least 2 miles a day, if it's less humid, I push both of us to hit 3 or so miles a day. These aren't the fastest walks, but she keeps a good pace.

We still are keeping the dogs fairly separate from one another, except walks. They are usually walked in pairs, but sometimes we get all 4 out there on a walk. All dogs get at least 3 hours of one on one time throughout the day. And honestly, I think this has been really good for each foster. It's more work for us, but the dogs are opening up so much. We got Abby to jump up on the couch with confidence! Tonight, she even jumped up on the couch with our dog, Lily. Completely amicable interaction! I wouldn't say she is a cuddler, she likes to wonder around and have her own space... so much like our Lily. But she loves to come when called and is gaining confidence by wondering around the house on her own. She is super food driven, doesn't resist at all now to go in her crate thanks to the treat she expects upon entry! She is totally at ease in a crate though and seems to really like her alone time.

Abby has heartworms and will soon be treated.
posted 08/11/22 and updated 08/31/22