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Name:   Kobe Suffolk  
Description:   ~ 21 lb ~ 5 yrs ~ NEEDS A FOSTER HOME ~

Kobe was at my house for a few days, so I noticed a few things. He is a love and seeks you out for petting. He is one of the softest beagles in the world. He enjoys playing with plush toys, but doesn't ever squeak them. He seems to be potty trained. He doesn't jump on furniture so that must have been a no-no in his previous life. He is crate-trained also.

Maybe no small children because he is a little mouthy - play nips on your fingers. No aggression at all. And he needs some training when it comes to jumping, especially if you are carrying a plate of food. And I'll bet he escaped his previous home when he did the beagle bolt out the front door. He seems to be good at it. But these are all things that can be fixed.

One adorable thing he does is I've seen the submissive smile a few times. He crinkles up his nose and it looks like he's smiling. Absolutely no aggression. It's a happy face.

Kobe is Heartworm positive and will received treatment on Sept 6th.

posted 08/11/22 and updated 08/26/22