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Name:   Johnny Envigo  
Description:   ~ Puppy ~ Fostered in Sykesville, MD ~

Do you think he looks a bit long suffering like Johnny Rose? Don't let it fool you. He's a barrel of fun and has very few worries. Our Johnny is a cutie!

Johnny is nowhere near ready to leave his mama, but if you're interested in adopting him, please submit an adopter profile ( to

Everyone knows that beagle puppies are the cutest thing ever, but did you also know that they are a TON of work? It's important to look past that smooshie face and see the inner terrorist inside. Before his first birthday he will have peed/pooped on your rugs, eaten a chair and unstuffed your sofa. He will eat a sock from your laundry basket and rack up a $5,000 bill for surgery in the process--and then your bank account will reflect his namesake's. Puppies are as much work as their human counterparts! Who knew??? They cannot be left unsupervised for more than a second and a half and their little bladders can't be left in a crate while you're at work all day.

If you've already considered all this and won't be deterred, adopting a puppy may be just the thing to make your family complete. Please note that it is BRSM policy to NOT place dogs under the age of two in apartment or condo living situations.

Posted: 8/3/22