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Name:   Ted Envigo  
Description:   ~ Puppy ~ Fostered in Sykesville, MD ~

Ah, Ted... cute and sweet... and a total mama's boy. Ted is a joy. He has no idea how lucky he was to land in rescue instead of a testing facility and ignorance is truly bliss in this case. He's here and he's safe and still too young to leave his mom.

Once Ted is old enough to be adopted, there's a few things the hopeful adopter should know. His behavior will only occasionally reflect the picture on the cover of a greeting card. He will need the same supervision as a human toddler, be just as much trouble and equally clueless of proper house manners. He'll pee/poop/vomit on your rug. Heck, he'll even seek the rug out rather than vomit on an easily cleanable surface that's right in front of him. He will dissect your sofa, turn your chair legs into mulch and howl piteously when left alone. He will eat wildly inappropriate things and make the money in your bank account disappear and reappear in the emergency vet's account. His little bladder will not last in a crate while you are at work for more than an hour or two. And worse, one day he will no longer be a sweet little puppy, he'll be a grizzled old deaf guy who needs maintenance drugs. He's going to need you for a very, very long time.

Are you sure you wanna do this? If so, please complete an adopter profile: and when done, email it to He'll be waiting. Well, he'll be waiting just as soon as he's weaned. By the way, it is the policy of BRSM not to place beagles under the age of two in apartments or condos. Good luck!

Posted: 8/3/22