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Name:   Twyla Envigo  
Description:   ~ Puppy~ Fostered in Sykesville, MD ~

Cute? You betcha! Twyla is cute as a bug and all beagley sweetness, but don't get sucked in by that! Puppies are not for the faint of heart as they require nearly as much supervision as a human baby lest they hurt themselves - or your stuff. She'll go through a chewing phase and no table leg will be safe. She'll baptize your rugs and eat your socks. (Don't let her do that! It's a spendy proposition!)

Twyla and her siblings have several weeks of nursing and vetting before they are ready for their forever home, but get your application in early! When complete, email it to And one caveat: We will not place dogs under the age of two in apartments or condos due to the noise factor.

Posted: 8/3/22