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Name:   Alexis Envigo  
Description:   ~ Puppy ~ Fostered in Sykesville, MD ~

She's a little bit Alexis for sure! Lovely to look at, soft to hold! You already know all the good stuff about puppies, but we would be shirking our duty to not remind you that puppies are not all lollipops and rainbows. They need a LOT of supervision - as much as a human child. They are prone to chewing on the furniture and peeing (and worse) on your rugs. They'll steal your underwear right out of the laundry hamper. They get into stuff - and some is harmful. If you're only drawn to the cuteness, you should keep scrolling, cause puppies are a ton of work. They'll need a lot of gentle redirection and training or they will grow up to be untrained and uncontrollable--and neither of you will be happy.

If you think you've got the right stuff, do fill out our adopter/foster profile and email it to

*** We will not place dogs under the age of two in apartments or condos. Your neighbors will thank you.

Posted: 8/3/22